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Vintage Coleman Lanterns

Six Indigenous cultural areas in Canada

In 2017, as Canada celebrated 150 years of confederation, 24-year-old Canadian drummer Harry Vetro took to the road.  He traveled coast to coast, visiting communities in the six Indigenous cultural areas in Canada (Arctic, Subarctic, Northwest Coast, Plateau, Plains, and Eastern Woodlands), in an effort to connect with musicians and artists from different cultural backgrounds, better understanding the land's long cultural history.  Vetro's debut album tells the story of his travels. A jazz musician by training, Harry melded his own style of improvised music with Folk and Classical influences to create a deeply personal statement, one that speaks to Canada as a whole. 

The Vintage Coleman Lantern series draws inspiration from Harry Vetro & the Northern Ranger Album (2018), and Harry's cross Canada travels. In 2018, the lanterns were part of the Laendskeip Exhibition at Gallery 345, Toronto, Ontario.  

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