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Deconstructing the Accordion

The behaviour, psychological states, and memory retention of Alzheimer patients are of particular interest to me; my father suffered from this disease.  Music played a vital role in his life.  My father shared a love for music and enjoyed singing along to familiar songs. My father introduced me to the accordion at a very young age. He enrolled me in lessons and performances.  After many years, I grew frustrated with the accordion and quit my studies.  As an adult, I reflect on my adolescent experiences . I am intrigued by the complexity of the accordion, and now have a new appreciation for the instrument. 

Deconstructing the Accordion was part of the 2016 Resident Artist Exhibition , In Production at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga & the Holcim Gallery (Milton Centre for the Arts) Milton, Ontario.

Deconstructing the Accordion

Digital Video


5:23 min

JVetro Deconstructing The Accordion Inst

Deconstructing the Accordion

Accordion parts, vintage accordion case, vintage tv, wooden bureau, video

3  Photos 11 x14 

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